Shadi Shurafi

Update August 15, 2021: The body of Shadi Shurafi has been returned to his family. Now we have a much harder task, Justice for Shurafi. The soldiers who killed this Palestinian worker need to be arrested.

On July 27, 2021 a plumber named Shadi Shurafi was shot dead by Israeli soliders as he stood before the valves and pipes of Beita on the West Bank. The Israelis initially claimed he had tried to attack soldiers with an iron pipe, had ignored warning shots, etc. etc. Israeli Journalist Gideon Levy said in his Haaretz piece (behind a paywall unfortunately)wrote, "There were some neighbors who saw Shurafi get out of his vehicle carrying a monkey wrench and walking slowly toward the water valves. In a photograph published after his death a wrench is seen lying on the ground and next to it a pack of Marlboros and a bloodstain." This happened 10:30 at night. There were no "clashes" going on. Shurafi's body was taken away by the Israeli troops and has not been returned.

Let the world know about the awful Israeli government practice of seizing bodies of the Palestinians it kills. Since 2020 the bodies of all Palestinians who are killed after allegedly killing Israelis are seized and used for leverage, to recruit collaborators, bargaining, etc. It's a loathsome and degrading practice, and of course bodies of Jews who kill Palestinians are never treated this way Let the world know about this.

A petition was created calling for international pressure to get Israel to return the body to Shurafi's family. It's on the site.

Click here to view the petition and signers

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