Don't Let Them Guilt Trip You About the Holocaust



It's been done a million times. You protest some Israeli government horror and a very angry and self-righteous Israel supporter will condemn you and lecture you about the Holocaust and the fact that "the world" did nothing.


Don't get defensive. Start talking about the terrible record of Zionists organizations and their appeasement and outright collaboration with the fascists in the years before the Holocaust. Also, talk about the people and movements who fought the fascists and Nazis in the streets while the Zionists were collecting money for pine trees for Jewish Palestine.


1. Zionists agreed with anti-Semites that Jews didn't belong in Christian countries and their presence in large numbers actually caused anti-Semitism.


2. As soon as Hitler took power Zionists decided German Jewry was a lost cause and bargained with Hitler for their assets.


3. In the first major act of appeasement the World Zionist Organization in 1933 decided to undermine the growing and powerful boycott of German goods.


4. Zionists actually brought SS men to pre-war Palestine (1934, 1937)


5. The craziest Zionist group, the Stern Gang, admired fascism and wanted to fight on Hitler's side in World War II

(as late as 1942)


Sounds unbelievable?  Want proof?


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