CT Investments in Apartheid 2022


$107 million dollars of Connecticut treasury funds (much or most of which is state of CT and teacher pension money) is invested in Israel.  That’s up from $85 million in 2021.  We received this $107 million figure from the Office of the State Treasurer, Connecticut Retirement Plans and Trust Funds Retirement Plans and Trust Funds. 

You can see the entire list of investments here.  Connecticut appears to be going all in, with investments in over 200 Israeli or Israeli based companies.

It’s a real disgrace.  It’s blood money.  Companies built on land taken from Palestinians.  Companies that directly help the Israeli government enforce apartheid.  Companies who benefit from super-exploited Palestinian labor.

Yes, it’s just a tiny fraction of the total CT Treasury, but we shouldn’t be investing a nickel in a country guilty of the international crime of apartheid…for decades.