Roger Waters, No Friend of Palestinians, Syrians or Ukrainians


While Roger Waters has in the past done great work for Palestinians within Palestine, he has discredited himself by his bizarre ideas about Syria and his lack of support for Palestinians in Syria.


He has repeatedly slandered the Syrian Civil Defence better known as the White Helmets who have rescued tens of thousands from the Assad military’s bomb attacks.  

Roger Waters claims Syria’s White Helmets a ‘fake organization’ 



Echoing Assad regime, Pink Floyd co-founder claims rescue group spreads propaganda for 'jihadists and terrorists'

Pink Floyd star's attack on Syrian rescuers provokes outrage 

The New Arab


In April 2018 he denounced the report of the Nobel-Prize winning OPCW that determined that a chemical attack had killed scores of people in Douma Syria.


In May of 2019 he claimed that “The White Helmets probably murdered 34 women and children to dress the scene that sorry day in Douma," (see attached picture on right side)  in a Facebook post next to a video of him describing Syria's White Helmets as a "fake organisation that exists only to create propaganda for jihadists and terrorists". 

about 30 seconds in here: Roger Waters - DOUMA | Facebook | By Roger Waters | A note from Roger: In light of the new evidence from an OPCW engineers report, leaked to 'Working Group on Syria, Propaganda and Media’, previously... 

or on the right of this video page see the complete "A note from Roger" where he makes the charge about the 34 women and children in writing


In March 2021 he denounced a BBC series called Mayday about Syria and called the Syria Campaign a “regime change” outfit that wants “Syria to be governed by the UK or the United States of America”. 


He campaigns for human rights, but only sees the crimes of the West.


He supposedly supports Palestinians, but never talks about what Assad has done to the hundreds of thousands of Palestinians in Syria


It would be great if he used his ability as an influencer to stand up for principle and all human rights, but at this point he's damaged goods.



Oct 9, 2020 Update


On October 4 Rolling Stone did a long political interview with Roger Waters. It's behind a paywall.

Variety talks about the interview 
(I think they do not describe his views on Palestine and Israel fairly, but they're spot on when talking about his nonsense on Syria and Ukraine.)


This is a word for word transcript of the Rolling Stone interview (according to Variety) 

Not that we need reminding, but Roger Waters yet again reveals he's totally infested with tankie brainworms.